Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Wild Woolly Handmade Luxury Soaps! We are currently cooking up new soaps for you to enjoy, so we have little time to spend on developing this website. Rest assured, we will put up our soaps as soon as they are ready to be sold!

We make all natural, all vegetable soaps. Pure and simple. And we don’t skimp on the ingredients either: you will not find cheap canola or corn oil fillers here! We use high quality coconut oils, olive oils, RSPO certified palm oils, almond oil, jojoba oils, shea & cocoa butters, to name a few. Our colorants are natural clays, oxides and vegetable based colours.

We’ve made soap with water, goat milk, beer, coffee, even a brewed chai tea! There’s nothing we won’t try! And if it is good enough for us, will make a larger batch and put it on this website for you to purchase.

So, see you soon! And let’s keep on cooking!

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